Dr. David Polak is a lecturer at the dept. of periodontology at the Hebrew University Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine .He graduated from the Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine in 2004 and completed the graduate program in Periodontics in 2010 at the same institution and holds an EFP periodontist credential.

Currently, Dr. Polak is a senior instructor and researcher in basic science at the Department of Periodontology, Hadassah medical center. His studies focus mainly on the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and neutrophil biology. Additional studies focus on biofilm models on teeth and implant surfaces as well as on the biology of osteoblast in processes of re-osseointegration in peri-implantitis models. Dr. Polak received several awards for his scientific and clinical achievements. He has published extensively in the dental and periodontal literature and is an invited speaker in national and international conferences.

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WED 30.01 | 12:50

Periimplantitis is a growing concern, without a definitive predictable treatment modality. As a consequence, true regenerative procedure (re-osseointegration) around peri-implantitis sites is unpredictable.
The lecture will delineate current evidence on this topic, as well as the ethological factors for peri-implantitis and their impact on regenerative procedures in an effort to single out reasons for the unpredictable treatment outcome.
The lecture will include results of laboratory studies from our lab, examining biofilm accumulation on titanium surfaces. Then, outcome of various disinfection modalities of the infected titanium surfaces will be evaluated. Last, we will examine bone cells physiology on previously infected implants vs. pristine surfaces in an effort to understand bone growth properties on previously infected versus non-infected implants.
The lecture will be concluded with a discussion on the biological processes occurring during re-osseointegration, in an effort to shed light on reasons for the non-predictable nature of regeneration around implants.